Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Movies - Marlene Dietrich

Today is a big movie day! Yesterday, we finally broke down and bought the new Marlene Dietrich five-film set that's part of . We are desperately trying to wait until this weekend to watch it- we want to wallow in Blonde Venus, The Devil is a Woman, The Flame of New Orleans, Golden Earrings, and Morocco, but that probably won't happen. An excuse will be found, popcorn will be popped, and we will take a trip back the early '30s to look at the glorious Marlene decked out in evening clothes while flirting with men and women alike. Still, we're also reminded that Marlene was more than a diva- not only did she entertain American troops during WWII and sell war bonds (she was one of the first stars to do so), she also openly and loudly rejected anti-Semitism and was an international singing star. So, show the love for Marlene- and check out the other boxed sets (Bette Davis, Carole Lombard, and Mae West) in the same series, known as "The Glamour Collection".

My only criticism of this set is that five movies are compressed onto two disks, which can lead to freezing and other problems- but at least these movies are now available. I only wish Universal sold a better product.


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